Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture: Revolutionary nail care for strength and beauty with natural ingredients.

Harness the magic of Bio Sculpture

At Dream Nails, we proudly introduce Bio Sculpture, a groundbreaking beauty product that sets a new standard in nail care. Formulated with the best ingredients, this product marks a revolution in the beauty world. The application process of Bio Sculpture is uniquely soothing and nourishing. It involves a series of precise steps which our skilled technicians perform with utmost care to ensure you receive the maximum benefit.

Bio Sculpture is applied as a coating to your natural nails, which helps to strengthen and protect them. It does not require any dehydrating primers or bonders. With its ability to flex with your nail, Bio Sculpture serves the dual purpose of enhancing the beauty of your hands while also providing exceptional nail care.

Results Worth Flaunting

The magic of Bio Sculpture is truly reflected in the results. Customers who opt for this treatment witness a remarkable improvement in the health and appearance of their nails. The product works from within to promote stronger, healthier nails. On the outside, Bio Sculpture bestows a mesmerising shine, ensuring your nails are always in the spotlight.

Moreover, it lasts longer than conventional nail products, keeping you chip-free and fabulous for an extended period. Bio Sculpture is vegan and cruelty-free, highlighting our commitment to sustainable beauty. With its focus on beauty and health, Bio Sculpture beautifully merges style and care, offering you the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Bio Sculpture different from other nail treatments?

Bio Sculpture is a premium product that is vegan, cruelty-free and designed to work with the natural nail. It promotes nail growth, strength, and shine, unlike traditional gel or acrylic treatments. It's also highly flexible, meaning it doesn’t chip or wear at the edges. Furthermore, it is free of harmful chemicals and can be removed easily without damaging the nails. A treatment at Dream Nails with Bio Sculpture guarantees you not just beautiful, but healthier nails too.

Is Bio Sculpture safe to use?

Absolutely, Bio Sculpture is internationally recognised as one of the safest nail treatments due to its damage-free, nourishing properties.

How long does the Bio Sculpture treatment take?

Typically, a full set of Bio Sculpture nails takes around 1.5 hours, but duration may vary depending on the complexity of the design.

What is the longevity of the Bio Sculpture product?

Bio Sculpture usually lasts about three weeks without chipping or peeling, but maintenance habits affect longevity.

Does Bio Sculpture treatment strengthen my nails?

Yes, Bio Sculpture has been developed to protect, strengthen, and enhance natural nails.

Can Bio Sculpture be removed at home?

We recommend removal by a trained professional to prevent damage. However, home removal kits are also available.

Are there any side effects of using Bio Sculpture?

Bio Sculpture is dermatologically tested and is not associated with any significant side effects. However, personal allergies should be considered.

How does Bio Sculpture cater to different nail shapes and lengths?

Bio Sculpture can be applied as an overlay on natural nails or sculpted to add length, catering to different preferences.

Can Bio Sculpture be used on bitten nails?

Yes, Bio Sculpture can still be applied and will often help improve the condition of bitten nails.

Are there a variety of designs available with Bio Sculpture?

Absolutely, Bio Sculpture offers over 180 colour and clear gel varieties, so we can create custom designs.

Is Bio Sculpture a vegan-friendly product?

Yes, Bio Sculpture is 100% vegan as well as cruelty-free, making it an ethical choice for nail care.

Bio Sculpture is a product we use as a professional salon business, it is not our product. We respect any trademarks and rights associated with the product, which are the property of the product manufacturer.