Gel Treatments

Gel Treatments

Gel treatments use a soft gel in the form of polish. The gel polish acts as an overlay on the nail that can last up to four weeks. The result is high shine nails with no chipping, peeling, or cracking.

Unlike regular nail polish, gel polish must be cured (ie. hardened) under a UV or LED light.

  • BIAB – Builder Gel in a Bottle
  • Gel – CC Gel and OPI Gel (similar to Shellac)
  • SNS Dipping Powder
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Extensions Extensions image 2


Looking to add length to your natural nails? You have a choice of acrylic extensions, UV gel extensions or gel enhancements:

Acrylics are a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer which is bonded to the natural nail. It’s then given the desired shape, where it hardens in place to add strength, length, and thickness to the nail.

UV gel extensions is a process of extending the nail involving hard gel, which is cured with UV light.

Aprés Gel is a soak on – soak off soft gel nail extension system. Aprés is as an alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard gel extensions.

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Refills & Fixes

No need to have a new set of acrylics (including gel powder), BIAB or UV gels each time. Simply have an infill!

We recommend an infill every 3 weeks.

We file off the existing colour, remove any lifting and check the nail to ensure no water damage or infection. We then fill in the gap between the cuticle and the existing acrylic or BIAB due to nail growth and then, once hardened, file and shape the nails with your new chosen colour.

  • Acrylic infills
  • BIAB infills
  • UV gel infills
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Refills and fixes

Nail Art

Bespoke nail art designs available at all Dream Nails salons. No nail design we cannot do!

  • Donut glazed nails
  • Pop art nails
  • French Illusion nails
  • Molten metallics
  • Sensorial Nails
  • Pop art nails
  • Velvet nails
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Waxing image 1 Waxing image 2


At Dream Nails we have our own “Wax Way” of doing things, to give you the best experience possible.

From our intimate surroundings, to our experienced beautician, our entire focus is to ensure you have a virtually pain – free wax whilst enjoying our personalised experience.

Our French Cirepil by Perron Rigot (since 1936) non-strip wax attaches to the hair and not the skin giving long lasting results that are less painful and with less redness!

  • Female & Male waxing
  • Intimate waxing
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Brows, Lashes and More image Brows, Lashes and More image 2

Brows, Lashes & More

At Dream Nails we offer all things lashes whether that be the perfect lash lift and tint, brow lamination or lash extensions.

Choose your lash technique (classic, hybrid or Russian) and then your lash style (Dolly, Cat Eye or Natural) and let our lash technicians work their magic with our faux mink lashes.

Threading is the perfect, tried and tested method to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrow and a hairless fair, allowing for excellent definition and smooth skin.

  • Lash Extensions
  • Lash Lift and Tint
  • Threading
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Gift Cards

Gift cards are available online or from one of our salons. Order below, or read more.