OPI - Premium quality, long-lasting nail polish adding glamour to every look.

Enrich Your Beauty Ritual with OPI

OPI has set a benchmark in the world of nail beauty by providing top-tier nail lacquers that not only enhance the glamour quotient but also maintain the health and beauty of your nails. A regular beauty product in all elite beauty salons, OPI's application is smooth, simple and quick. The ergonomic designed bottle ensures easy gripping while the wide brush covers the nail in one stroke, providing an even and liberal application of the dazzling colour. It is chip-resistant that makes it last longer and you don’t have to worry about frequent touch-ups. The product, free from harmful chemicals, encompasses a rich, highly pigmented formula giving a glossy finish within minutes of application. It’s the ideal product to jazz up any look or mood.

Unveil Irresistible and Long-lasting Shine with OPI

OPI is all about delivering exceptional results. The unique blend of the product offers a perfect matte finish or a radiant sparkle depending upon the variant you choose. The high gloss formula gives the nails a fresh and salon perfect look right in the comfort of your home. From subtle nudes to vibrant reds, OPI comes in an array of stunning shades to choose from, fitting perfectly with every outfit, occasion or mood. Beyond the aesthetics, OPI promises long-lasting durability. It ensures the colour stays vibrant and lustrous for weeks, keeping your nails beautiful and chip-free. By choosing OPI, you choose to adorn your nails with premium quality and give them the attention they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is OPI and why is it used in Dream Nails salon treatments?

OPI is a renowned professional nail polish brand. At Dream Nails, we use OPI due to its high-quality formulation that ensures long-lasting, chip-resistant nails. It's safe, non-toxic and available in a vast range of colours and finishes.

Why does Dream Nails prefer using OPI for nail treatments?

At Dream Nails, we prioritise quality and client satisfaction. OPI is globally renowned for its superior, long-lasting formulas and stunning colour range, thereby ensuring our clients receive the best possible nail treatment.

Does OPI offer a range of colours for nail polish?

Absolutely! OPI has an extensive array of colours to select from. Whether you want a classic red or daring glitter, we at Dream Nails can provide it with our OPI collection.

Are OPI products used by Dream Nails vegan-friendly?

Yes, OPI products are widely recognised for being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We at Dream Nails believe in supporting ethical beauty practices.

How long does OPI nail polish last on the nails?

With proper care, OPI's high-quality nail polish can last for up to seven days without chipping, allowing our Dream Nails clients to enjoy their manicure longer.

Are OPI products used in Dream Nails salon safe for pregnant women?

Yes, OPI's products are free from harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene, making them safe for use during pregnancy.

Does Dream Nails use OPI products for gel manicures?

Absolutely. We use OPI's Gel Color for our gel manicures, known for its high-gloss finish and long wear.

What's special about OPI's Infinite Shine range stocked at Dream Nails?

OPI's Infinite Shine is a 3-step system offering the high shine and long-wear of a gel manicure, with the convenience of a nail polish. It’s a favourite amongst our Dream Nails clientele.

Does OPI's Nail Lacquer used at Dream Nails take long to dry?

OPI's nail lacquer has a decent drying time, typically taking around 15-20 minutes to completely dry. We suggest our clients utilise this time to relax and enjoy our salon ambiance.

How can I maintain the look of my OPI manicure from Dream Nails at home?

You can maintain your OPI manicure by keeping your hands moisturised, wearing gloves when washing up, and refraining from using your nails as tools. Regular touch-ups can also extend the life of your manicure.

What if I have an allergic reaction to OPI products used at Dream Nails?

Although very rare due to OPI's stringent safety standards, if you believe you're experiencing an allergic reaction, please contact us immediately. We'll help you seek appropriate medical advice.

OPI is a product we use as a professional salon business, it is not our product. We respect any trademarks and rights associated with the product, which are the property of the product manufacturer.