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What should I do to prepare for a male waxing treatment at Dream Nails?

Prior to your waxing appointment, please ensure your skin is clean, dry, and free of oils and moisturisers. If the hair is too long, trim it to about 0.5cm. Also, avoid any sunbathing or exfoliation 24 hours prior to the treatment. Always remember to wear loose clothing to prevent any discomfort or skin irritation after the procedure.

Can I pay by cash?

Yes you can pay cash for anything at Dream Nails.

Is Cirepil safe for all skin types?

Absolutely. Cirepil is formulated to be gentle enough for all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin or specific allergies, please inform our technicians before your treatment.

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Is Bio Sculpture safe to use?

Absolutely, Bio Sculpture is internationally recognised as one of the safest nail treatments due to its damage-free, nourishing properties.

Can I go to the gym after waxing?

We recommend you to avoid heavy sweating activities, including the gym, for at least 24 hours after your waxing session to avoid irritation or infection.

How is the iconic white shade of the French tips achieved?

The iconic white shade of the French tips is achieved by meticulously painting on a thin layer at the end of each nail. This layer is then dried and set under a UV lamp for a flawless finish.

How is the One Nail French treatment performed?

The treatment begins with preparing your nail. We then apply the acrylic material and carefully sculpt it to smoothly blend with your natural nail. A classy white French tip is finally added to the extension.

How long does the elegance of a French pedicure last?

With proper care, the Pedicure French can maintain its refined look for about two to three weeks. To ensure durability we would also recommend the application of cuticle oil over the two weeks spot treatment.

What is the objective of the nail polish application in a Spa Pedicure?

The application of a vibrant nail polish adds to the aesthetic appeal of your feet, illuminating them with a pleasing look that complements your overall appearance.

How does the One Nail Gel Powder treatment begin?

The One Nail Gel Powder treatment starts with comprehensive nail cleaning. Followed by applying a base coat on your nail. This acts as a perfect 'canvas' for the vibrant gel powder.

How long do the effects of the One Nail Gel Powder treatment last?

The One Nail Gel Powder treatment at Dream Nails is known for its durability. The effects ensure your special nail looks impeccable for weeks, giving you lasting beauty and confidence.

How does the final layer of SNS French Dipping Powder dry?

The final layer, a sealer, is allowed to dry naturally, without the need for UV lights used in some other nail treatments.

Why is SNS considered a healthier alternative to other nail enhancements?

SNS is often seen as a healthier alternative because it doesn't require UV light curing. Furthermore, the SNS dipping powder is enriched with vitamins E and B5 to promote your nail health and growth.

How is the Soak Off process carried out?

In the Soak Off process, your current nail polish or artificial nail design is gently removed. We use a special soak-off gel nail remover to ensure your natural nail bed is not damaged. We take care to limit your nails’ exposure to chemicals.

Is chin threading painful?

Although the procedure may sound intense, our skilled technicians ensure it's carried out gently and carefully, resulting in minimal discomfort. They focus on technique to ensure a as painless as possible experience.

How does Full Face Waxing work?

Our technicians start by gently cleansing your skin, then apply a high-quality wax which latches onto the hairs. This wax is then painlessly removed, pulling the hairs from the root, and leaving your skin hairless and smooth.

How good is this website?

Very, very good!

What's the difference between a gel manicure and an OPI gel manicure?

Gel manicure is our standard manicure using CC Gel whereas an OPI gel manicure uses OPI gel as a brand.

What areas can Cirepil be used on?

Cirepil can be used on all areas of the body, including sensitive areas such as the bikini line or underarms.

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I have very small nails due to nail biting, what is best for me?

Subject to having a sufficiently sized nail bed we would recommend extensions. We use a tip to extend and enhance the nail. On top of the tip we apply acrylic and then a layer of varnish or gel.

I wish to book BIAB infills but have grown cuticles, do you include cuticle removal?

Yes, as standard we cut cuticles as part of all our manicures.

Do you use BIAB gel bottle or is it another BIAB?

We only use the original products. Gel Bottle BIAB is the BIAB we use.

Are you able to do all types of nail art?

Yes – we are lucky to have talented nail technicians. Please feel free to send picture in advance if the type of nail art you would like to the salon you are looking to book at.

Does the Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treatment hurt?

You might experience a slight abrasion sensation, but generally, the treatment is not painful.

How long does the Aprés Nails treatment take?

Typically, the Aprés Nails treatment takes approx. 1.5 hours. However, this may vary depending on your chosen design.

Are OPI products used in Dream Nails salon safe for pregnant women?

Yes, OPI's products are free from harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene, making them safe for use during pregnancy.

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Do I need to book an appointment beforehand?

Yes, we strongly recommend booking your appointment in advance to ensure availability. You can book by giving us a call directly or through our online booking system on our website.

Can I bring my children?

We are always happy to have well behaved children in the salon (many of our technicians are also parents too). We simply ask that children are well behaved and appreciate other clients comfort and quiet time.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, we offer gift vouchers that can be used for any of our treatments. They make perfect gifts for any occasion.

Where is Dream Nails located?

Dream Nails is conveniently located in the heart of the city. The specific details can be found on our 'Contact Us' page.

Do you cater to group bookings?

Yes, Dream Nails is more than happy to accommodate group bookings. Please contact us in advance to consult availability.

Do you provide male manicure services?

Yes, Dream Nails provides an array of manicure and pedicure services suitable for everyone, including men.

Do you use vegan products?

All the products we use at Dream Nails are cruelty-free and most of them are vegan. For specific information, please ask our staff.

Can I choose my own colours?

Yes, we have a wide array of nail colours you can choose from.

How long does a manicure last?

On average, a manicure at Dream Nails lasts about two weeks dependent on your nail growth and care.

Do you offer nail extensions?

Yes, we offer a wide range of nail extensions services, from acrylics to gel extensions.

What if I have a nail infection?

If you suspect a nail infection, we recommend you seek medical advice before booking a nail treatment.

Do you offer specific bridal packages?

Yes, we offer special bridal packages. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

What are the prices for your services?

You can find our extensively detailed price list on our 'Services & Prices' page.

What brands do you use?

At Dream Nails, we use high-quality, known brands to ensure a delightful nail care experience.

Do you offer any loyalty schemes?

We do offer a loyalty scheme for returning customers. More information can be found in the salon.

How do I take care of my nails post-treatment?

Following your appointment, our technicians will give you the necessary advice to help you properly care for your nails.

How often should I get a manicure?

We recommend getting a manicure every two to three weeks, depending on your nail health and personal preference.

What steps do you take to ensure hygiene?

At Dream Nails, we strictly adhere to high sanitation standards to ensure the safety and health of our clients.

Can you accommodate allergy requirements?

Absolutely, please share any known allergies you may have when you book your appointment so we can take necessary precautions.

Do you treat injured nails?

Our trained technicians can provide treatments for minor nail injuries. For major concerns, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional first.

Do your nail technicians have qualifications?

Yes, all our nail technicians are qualified and extensively trained to provide you with excellent nail services.

Do you remove old gel polish?

Yes, we offer a service to safely remove old gel polish which is advisable to maintain the health of your nails.

Can I buy the nail products you use?

Yes, we sell a variety of nail care products at the salon that you can take home.

How early should I arrive for my appointment?

We recommend arriving at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to ensure a relaxed, non-rushed experience.

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